Wednesday, February 23, 2011

An Evening At The Pops

Nothing like a dinner out and an evening with good music.  As those of you who follow Guiler Travels know, our good friend, and close family member, Randy Guiler plays in the Baldwin Pops Band.  So Terry, Mike, Peggy, Judy, and I attended one of their concerts last night in Fairhope after the six of us stopped by Big Daddy’s Grill for another great dinner.

An Evening At The Pops

First of all, Randy played the trombone for the Red Skins Marching Band for umbteen million years waaaay back when.  Now, while “camping out” at Rainbow Plantation he volunteers, along with 63 others, in the Baldwin Pops Band. 

The Baldwin Pops was formed back in 1997 and has been providing free concerts throughout Baldwin county ever since.  The Band consists of members from all walks of life whose common thread is their love of music and their desire to perform and entertain.  They perform all types of music: Classical, Broadway, Big Band, Dixieland, Jazz, and Marches.

After arriving at the Fairhope Civic Center we noticed many of our Plantation neighbors already seated.  The five of us sat with Butch and Jean right behind Don, Elaine, Doug, Anna, Bob, and Judy.  ‘Twas a great evening out spending time with some of our wonderful Rainbow Plantation “family”.  Who says us Keenagers don’t know how to “get down” and have a good time?

May The Good Lord Keep You Until Next Time - - - - - -

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