Thursday, February 24, 2011

Yesterday, . . .

Yesterday flew by faster than prunes through, well, grandma.  Before we knew it, we were stuffin’ our faces at our 242 Group gathering last night followed by a trip home, History Detectives, and beddy bye time.  Judy had attended her Bible Study yesterday morning while I “stood to home” and washed the black streaks off the rig.  I, also, pulled the old batteries out of the rig and got things ready for the new batteries.

A nap snuck it’s way into the early afternoon and then a little sitting outside enjoying this wonderful weather.  At four o’clock we attended the Social Time at the clubhouse and returned home to prepare our contribution for our home group pot luck dinner – baked spaghetti.

Hopefully our new batteries will be in and ready for pick up today.  We are replacing two 12 volt group 24 batteries with two Trojan 6 volt golf cart batteries.  The old batteries are now five and a half years old and lose power quickly while extending the leveling jacks and running the slides out.  Also, we should be able to get eight to ten hours of “boondocking” (living off the grid with no hookups) before they’ll require recharging.

We, along with everyone else, have been watching the fuel prices escalate.  It always amazes me how fast they increase the cost of fuel (they don’t even wait for the next delivery to their tanks) and how slow they reduce the cost (they wait for the next four or five deliveries to their tanks).  It’s called gouging, but our do nothing legislators don’t have a clue:  they never did have a clue and won’t be getting a clue anytime soon. 

We’ve only had forty years to end this dependence on foreign oil.  I predict that in forty years from now it still will not have happened.  Thanks Jimmy for creating the totally useless Department of Energy that has managed to accomplish little of nothing but squander thirty five years of tax dollars.  Do ya think it is time for Gummint Reform?  Don’t forget to vote in 2012!!

Okay, enuf of that little rant.  It’s back to the 2011 budget to recalculate the impact of the projected fuel increases as it will affect more than just the cost of diesel fuel – a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do.  Do we see more hunkering down in our future?  Or, heaven forbid, a J-O-B?  Where’s Maynard G. when you need him?  W-E-R-K!!!!!!!  Perish the thought!

Somehow we’ll make ends meet; it’s just that we want the ends to overlap a little (actually a whole lot).  We’re debt free and that gives us options.  That, also, makes us richer than over 90% of our fellow Americans.  Thank you Lord, for it is by His grace that we find ourselves in that position.

May The Good Lord Keep You And Bless You Until Next Time - - - - - -   

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  1. Darrell we too are debt free but the cost of things keep going up and we have not seen an increase in SS in two years. No increase in my VA either so here we are watching the price of diesel go up and our rep could care less...they are set for life why fix what aint broke...for them.