Saturday, February 05, 2011

The Magnificent Three

Wow, unbelievable!!!  The Magnificent Three, Mike and Peggy and Winne, have escaped again.  Mikee. with his hack saw in hand. cut their way through the Ice Bars setting them free once more.  The Freeze King attempted to freeze Winne in place, but the Good Fairy God Mother of the South Wind breathed just enough warm air into Winne’s nostrils (carburetor) so that she could roar to life.  So at oh-dark-thirty yesterday morning, while the Winter Hounds were still asleep, they slipped out of the Maine Winter Prison System making a bee line for warmer weather.  Fortunately the Wick Witch of the Northwest has temporarily run out of Snow Demons, however, she is working hard to recruit some more.

By sundown the three of them came slip sliding into their Jerzee hideout where food and Hugs From Grand Children was snuck in.  Winne has made friends with Mr. John Deere Backhoe and may need his help this morning to slide out of the Jerzee hideout before the Warden of the Jerzee Snow Slammer realizes that they are back in his territory.  Their plan is to head Southeast around Washington, D.C. (they know that there is a lot of hot air there) and make their way just far enough south to be out of the reach of the WWNW’s new Snow Demons. 

Now, we’re asking that all of you in the Southeast please face Northeast and breathe heavily sending warmer weather their way (those of you in the southwest please hold your breath as it’s waaay tooo cold over there).  May the Force Be With Mike, Peggy, and Winne.  Hope to see the whites of your eyes real soon – we’ll leave the light on.

Well, “enuf” of that.  Judy and I had another day inside as it was raining and raining and raining yesterday, and then it rained some more.  On top of that, it was a chilly damp day so Judy made me some nice hot chocolate chip cookies, what a woman, while I worked on our portfolios. 

Our 401Ks have returned to 95% their highs so I moved the money into a more “conservative” investment strategy.  I had them invested very “aggressively” which caused them lose almost 50% of their value when the bottom fell out in the fall of 2008.  So, what can I say, hot out of oven chocolate chip cookies and money in the bank, what more can give you a nice warm feeling on a chilly damp day?

Other than that, we spent time reading and just piddling around the house.  Katie and Alex napped off and on, wanted some loving attention every so often, and played with their toys.  They don’t like thunder and they were restless as a couple of those storms passed over head.

Oh yes, I “stood” in my PJs all day long.  Judy felt the need to put on real clothes, but I wanted to remain comfy just in case a nap wanted to sneak on board.  So I guess that’s it for today. 

Be sure to Take It Easy Until Next Time - - - - -

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