Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Nooks And Books

I’m going to start this morning by answering a couple of questions from yesterday’s comments.

John:  Yes, Judy and I are using our public library to borrow ebooks for our Nooks.  The three top Ereaders are the Kindle, the Nook, and the Sony Ereader.  You cannot download Adobe EPUB books (which is what most public libraries use) with a Kindle, but can with the Nooks and the Sony Ereaders.  Go to, input your zip code, and click on the little arrow.  That will open up another window that will list the libraries in your area with Ebooks to loan.  Hopefully your library will be on the list, if so, click on it and it will bring up another window which is the site where you will be able to borrow the library books.  Save that site to your favorites. 

You can scan the website looking for your favorite authors, titles, etc..  There is an “advanced search” mode where you can further refine your search.  They have both Adobe EPUB and Overdrive Audio Books.  You’ll need your library card and your PIN in order to borrow books.  Also, you’ll need to download some software to your computer which you can do once you’re logged in.  You’ll download the books to your computer and upload them to your Nook.  Be sure to read your instruction booklet for the Nook and be sure to “Eject” every time before disconnecting your nook from the computer.

If, even after you follow the instructions, you get a “Device Not Activated” message on your Nook when you attempt to open a downloaded book, then email me (wandering.america at – be sure to use the @ in place of the “at”) and leave me your phone number so I can call you and walk you through the correction process.  It took me over six hours to figure out how to get around this issue.  Happy Reading!!!!

Margery:  I’m reading the King and Maxwell series by David Baldacci.  There are only four books in the series and they have been a fun read.  I do NOT enjoy books with lots of profanity and in depth sex scenes so Baldacci, Grisham, and Patterson have become some of my favorite authors.  I finished book number three in the series last night – that’s two books in five days.  Normally I like to “savor” my books and not speed read them, but you can’t renew ebooks from the library so I had to read them quickly or else go back on the waiting list for book three.  Good books are like fine wine, they are to be sipped and enjoyed not gulped down.

Well, the weather around here has been just like we like it.  It got up to 74* yesterday before all was said and done.  After a shopping trip to Wally World, we spent some time sitting outside and reading.  We attended the four o’clock social and then returned home for dinner, reading, NCIS, and more reading.  The weather dudes are calling for another seven days of this seventy degree weather so it is time to jump back onto the Ol’ Ta Do List and knock off a few more outside chores.

God Bless Until Next Time - - - - - -


  1. This comment has nothing to do with the post. Where do you guys keep the litter box(es)?

  2. Darrell,

    Thanks so much for the great response, it was well thought out and very helpful! I am already taking a look at the website you recommended. Again, thank you very much!