Friday, February 18, 2011

Just Living The Life

“And the beat goes on!”  That is the warm sunny days continue.  This has been just great.  Shorts, t-shirts, and sandals are the uniform of the day.  Yep, we can handle this kind of weather just fine. 

Judy had a successful day on her fabric hunting trip – she bagged her limit and was home before dark.  Now she has some more “basket weaving” projects to work on.  I managed to get a couple of small items crossed off the “Ol’ Ta Do List”, assisted a couple of people with their Nook setups, and visited with Mike for a while.

Mike and I made a run to All Star RV and Camping World to pick up a few minor items and then it was martini time.  From Mike and Peggy’s we attended the four o’clock social hour.  Peggy invited us over to join them for dinner.  She had made a nice corned beef dinner with all the fixings and it was just great.  Thanks Peggy.

Judy and I spent the rest of the evening just chatting, watching Bones, and heading to bed.  I woke up at 11:30, just in time to tune into the Joys of Painting – Bob Ross breaks me up.  “A happy little tree lives just about here!” or “The fence runs right through here.  We don’t know where it goes and we don’t care!”

We want to take this time to welcome Nilda to our blog.  She asked why we chose a heated mattress pad over an electric blanket.  They had to replace their electric blanket after they attempted to use it with their inverter and burned up the controls.  There’s a warning for you – if you are running your modified sine wave inverter, do NOT use your electric blanket or heated mattress pad.  For some reason they are incompatible.

Now, to answer her question.  Waaaay back when Judy and I wore younger people’s clothes, we had an electric blanket.  We both have a tendency to “kick the blankets off” when we get warm.  I woke up one night with my feet burning; some how the blanket had gotten kinked and was overheating. 
The blanket was so hot that I couldn’t even put my hand on it.  We got rid of it and would never own another one.

A mattress pad lays flat on the bed and, being under you, should never get kinked.  Its not meant to be a heating pad, but does provide nice gentle heat similar to a heating pad.  We bought ours from for $65 (that included free shipping).  It has only been on the bed for two nights, but has already become a new best friend.

Take Care And God Bless - - - - - - 


  1. I would love to get one just to heat the bed up in the winter. It would be nice to climb into a warm bed when it is 18 degrees outside...OOOOO

  2. Darrell, thanks again for helping me with my Nook problem! Heated mattress pad? Now that's something I'll have to look into. You do open my horizons. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Years ago, I had an electric blanket that got kinked in between the metal bed frame, and it started to smolder.
    The mattress pads don't have any elements except on the sleeping part. They come with dual controls, too, for couples who have different requirements.
    I wouldn't be without my electric mattress pad. I hate getting into a cold bed.
    Happy Trails, Penny, TX