Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Pot Luck Dinner

Well, we did get outside to spend sometime enjoying the sunny weather, but we never left the reservation.  After our daily walk we stopped for coffee and a visit with Mike and Peggy.  A plan was hatched for a pot luck dinner and then we strolled back home where we spent the rest of the afternoon.

Randy and Tonya, friends from our workamping days at Lake George Escape, stopped by for a short visit. 

Tonya and Randy

They were in town for a wedding of some other workamping friends and thought it would be nice to catch up with us.  It was really wonderful to see them and we were so glad they thought about us.

Judy and I spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing (one would think that we must work awfully hard considering all the relaxing that we do) and reading.  Mike and Peggy joined us at 1730 hours for the afore mentioned pot luck dinner.  We had meatloaf, baked spiced potato wedges, twice baked potatoes, and a nice garden salad.  The guys enjoyed a couple of glasses of wine while the ladies sipped on their water. 

After they left, we slipped into our jammies and it was back to ‘puters, reading, and relaxing (there we go, all tuckered out once again).   The mattress was screaming for attention so we hit the hay at around 2100 bells which capped off another eventful day at the Plantation.

Take Care and May God Bless,

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  1. Darrell, your posting got me thinking (that's a scary thing). Relaxing can be hard werk.