Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Early Start, Late Entry

Wow, here it is 2:30 in the afternoon and I’m just getting around to doing the journal entry.  “Didcha sleep in?”, you may query.  Nope, actually we got an early start on the day.  We arose and decided to get out of the house real early to go to Uncle Wally’s so we could replenish the larder before our other activities kicked in. 

We managed to get home and unload the truck just in time for me to get to my painting class.  Here’s the start of my next painting.


There’s a “Quiet Little Lake” in front of the mountains and a “Happy Little Tree” growing up on the right side of the picture – can you see it?  Probably some clouds will show up along with a lot more trees growing on the mountains and around the lake.  Maybe a cabin will locate itself in the painting as well.  We’ll just have to see what else crops up as the painting progresses.   

By the time I returned from painting, it was time for lunch and then a nap snuck up and hit me behind the head.  So here we sit at 2:30 in the afternoon with the wind blowing and the weather threatening a real downpour.  I thinks me just might go to my Nook and read while Judy is playing on her ‘puter and watching Dr. Oz.

So that’s it for now, see ya tomorrow (morning, I hope).


  1. And it does look like the beginning of a Bob Ross painting!

  2. I'm OK with the lake and the happy trees - but I better not see any snow in those mountains!

  3. Bob Ross is a favorite here too, I laughed when I read your post using his phrases. Regarding your blog posting yesterday, your church, “Church On The Eastern Shore” sounds like a great place to be. I am a bit amazed that there are three coffee bars (only older small churches here). At any rate, thanks so much for the great response/comment back explaining “The Connection Team”!