Thursday, August 25, 2011

1xrtt, 3G, 4G; So What?

Not good.  According to the Verizon coverage maps Cedars of Lebanon State Park is in a dead zone, however, with our old air card we were still able to get on line most of the time.  It would be slow and sometimes we wouldn’t have any access at all.  But with this new 4G technology we have very few windows of time that we can get online.  Even if I detach the device from the router and plug it into my computer’s USB port, it is still a hit or miss (mostly miss) proposition.  

Oh well, we’ll be back at the Plantation on Wednesday with a good solid 4G signal.  If it doesn’t work right then, we’ll just have to raise some heck with Cradlepoint and/or Verizon.  One of the problems is our Cradlepoint router is over two and a half years old (that’s 105 in electronic years) and it’s probably not compatible with the 4G technology.  Cradlepoint has been updating their firmware and supposedly have the problem solved – we’ll just haveta see.

We have decided to stay here one more night in order to attend Catia’s second soccer game on Monday evening.  So we’ll round up the wagons on Tuesday and head south, staying overnight somewhere around Montgomery.  That will leave us a three hour trip to home on Wednesday.  In the mean time we’ll just be enjoying one grand kid fix after another.

Yesterday we took Kalina for a short outing at a playground.  It was too hot to stay at the park for very long so we took her to Mickey Ds for a hot fudge sundae instead – I think she liked that!!  Then it was back home to spend some time with Radek.  Catia showed up from school around three o’clock; she didn’t learn anything, at least that’s what she said.

On our way home we stopped by Kroger’s to pick up some produce.  We’re on a new kick now, “eat more chikin” and veggies.  Well, last night we had salmon with veggies, but the game plan is to eat more veggies and Kroger had some decent produce at reasonable prices.

Take Care Until Next Time  - - - - - - -

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