Monday, August 29, 2011

Special Outings With Grand Kids

As you probably guessed by now, we had another “Bad Air Day” at Cedars of Lebanon; therefore, an extremely late blog posting.  We could have taken the air card and the computer in the truck and published while on the road, but with the katt “stuff”, drinks, treats, etc., Judy had enough to contend with without adding to the clutter factor.  The post is even later since we reached our exit for Wood’s RV just before two and as Judy was pointing to it, I just kept on driving.  Yep, we’re now situated on our site at Rainbow Plantation.  There’s a lot to be said about not having to get into the truck again in the morning.

Lotsa pictures today, so we’ll spare the verbiage.  You can place your cursor over the picture to see what’s happening.

As you know from yesterday’s post, the girls had a sleepover with G-ma and G-pa.  After awaking yesterday morning G-ma made pancakes, then we watched 101 Dalmatians before heading to the playground.  G-ma snapped a few pictures along the way.

DSCF5556 DSCF5557 DSCF5559

The girls really enjoy the playground at Cedars of Lebanon State Park.  Every time they visit us, it is almost an immediate request.

DSCF5562 DSCF5564DSCF5565 DSCF5567DSCF5568 DSCF5569

We packed up the girls and headed to Matt and Jackie’s.  Then we all headed for the Nashville Zoo.  It was Nashville Predator’s Day at the Zoo with one of the players on hand for autographs and photographs.  He must not be one of better players, he had all his teeth.


The 200 acre Grassmere family farm was donated as the Grassmere Wildlife Park in 1990.  Inadequate funding lead to its closing and the Nashville Zoo assumed management of the facility in 1997.  The farmhouse, barns, and gardens are featured as one of the displays at the zoo.  


We enjoyed how “they” have maintained the natural settings for the animals.  Here is the pictorial story of our visit at the zoo.  You can follow our tour by placing your cursor over the pictures.

DSCF8284 DSCF5598DSCF8303 DSCF8308DSCF5603 DSCF8317DSCF5609 DSCF8322DSCF8291 DSCF8294DSCF8296 DSCF8297DSCF8323 DSCF5616DSCF8325 DSCF5615DSCF8330 DSCF8332DSCF8333 DSCF8341DSCF8346 DSCF8347DSCF8352 DSCF8348DSCF8349 DSCF8357

And while we were at the zoo, we come around a corner and bumped right into our Congressman!!


Well, those are the highlights for our day with the Grand Kids.  Take Care Until Next Time  - - - - - -


  1. Welcome Home!!! Great Pictures of the kids and the Zoo.

  2. Loved the tour of the zoo. What a great idea for a Meerkat "observatory." The habitats look very animal friendly. Great way to observe wildlife up close.

    I think your congressman has a few relatives in other states as well ;)

    Did you land on your feet at the bottom of the slide?

  3. welcome home )...lovely time with the grands...your never too old to slide right? love the congressman