Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Ball Zoo Or Bust?

What can I say?  The John Ball Zoo left a lot to be desired.  Fortunately this was a special week and the admission was only $5.00 instead of the regular $8.50 per person (it’s definitely not worth the full price).  Anyway, it gave us something to do with Brian.  Here are few pictures taken of some of the residents at the zoo.

DSCF5341 DSCF5342 DSCF5346 DSCF5353DSCF5356 DSCF5363DSCF5365 DSCF5368DSCF5374 DSCF5377DSCF5380 DSCF5392DSCF5394 DSCF5398DSCF5404 DSCF5412

And here is a picture of Brian.  We bought him some razor blades and shaving cream, but I guess they didn’t work.


A couple of deer showed up in our back yard again last night, a doe and her fawn.  Not the best light as the sun was directly behind the deer, but there they are none the less.  The bucks didn’t show.  We’re still waiting for a family portrait!  Even Katie watches for the deer every evening, she seems to know when they’re out there and sits on the desk to watch them.


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  1. Nice blog...please tell me how you get those pictures side by side and in blocks like that.