Sunday, August 07, 2011

The Longest Travel Day Ever

It was only a four hour trip but it seemed like an eternity.  Why is that?  We drove seven hours to get from Virginia to Ohio and it was long (we were glad to stop for the day), but it didn’t seem anywhere near as long as the trip from Holly to Petoskey yesterday.  Strange!!

Once we arrived at Magnus Park, around one o’clock, we learned that check out wasn’t until 3:00.  So we had to wait two hours for the people to vacate our site.   Therefore, we pulled the rig along side of the road, put the katts in the house, and took our chairs to the waterfront to sit and wait (I suppose that I should have broken out the wine).

Magnus Park is packed but the full hookup sites are reasonably sized and we do have good neighbors.  Today, being Sunday, the herd will most likely be thinned out leaving us with a little more privacy.  We do have a fairly decent view of the waterfront from our dining room window.


Once we got set up, we headed for John and Della’s (Judy’s brother’s) for dinner.  They treated us like royalty by serving us steak and pork chops fresh off the grill.  We hated to eat and run but, after the “Longest Travel Day Ever” (felt like it anyway), we were ready to settle down for a long summer’s nap.

It stays lighter later here in Michigan.  The sunset doesn’t take place until nine o’clock so we took our lawn chairs back to the waterfront to view the sunset over Little Traverse Bay.  It wasn’t the prettiest sunset that we’ve seen, however, it was lovely just the same.


Today we are going to lay low and take it easy this morning.  Laying pavers with Warren is beginning to catch up with me.  Both Judy and I want to have some reading time and the Michigan shoreline is almost as soothing as the Maine coastline.  So with book, chair, and a drink in hand, we’ll make our way to the beach for some quiet time.  We’ll join together with John and Della later this afternoon.

Take Care Until Next Time  - - - - - - -


  1. Well, that sunset may not be the prettiest, but it sure looks good to me! Gorgeous setting. Enjoy!

  2. I understand the paver pain ... chill out and enjoy a margarita!

  3. wonderful sunset...glad you arrived safe and sound...hope you slept well last night...