Friday, August 12, 2011

Oh Deer!!

The day went as planned.  The hole in the rubber roof is repaired and the new plexi-glass is installed in the screen door.  We visited with our neighbors (and landlords), relaxed in our outdoor living room, read a little, snoozed in our recliners, cooked up a nice crab meat pie, and had Ray and Pat over for dinner.  I’ll have to say that that crab meat pie was scrumptious.

We finished the day by sitting on our patio reading while waiting for the deer to stroll by.  Wednesday night three bucks and two does passed right behind our rig and we didn’t get any pictures.  Last night our perseverance paid off.

First we had a parade of turkeys trotting their way through our back yard,


And then we had this eight point buck step out from right behind our rig.  He saw us, stood and watched us for a moment, and then turned and walked back into the woods.  His brothers and sisters didn’t show themselves, but, if we’re patient enough, we’ll most likely be able to get a picture of them before our stay here is over.


Today it’s off to see our son in Grand Rapids.  We’ll most likely “do lunch” and see what else we can find to do in the area.  It takes a little over an hour for us to get to his apartment so we’ll be on the road no later than nine o’clock this morning.

Take Care Until Next Time  - - - - - - -


  1. Wonder where that buck hangs out during hunting season? Beautiful!

  2. Deer me!! That's quite a parade of wild life...enjoyed the pics.