Friday, August 05, 2011

Techie Stuff

Verizon was more than happy to replace the SIM card in our USB modem and it now works in my computer once again.  However, the SIM card may not have been the problem.  According to my good buddy, Mike, there has been some problems with the firmware updates for the Pantech UML 290 USB Modem which has been causing a “bad SIM” message.  Updates to any software can result in problems. 

I just hate it whenever I see that Windows has new updates.  In the past I have had problems caused by some of Windows updates so I have turned off the automatic update feature in order that I can manually initiate any updates.  If things don’t work right then I just do a system restore.

Anyway, back to the Pantech UML290 modem.  There is another problem that was causing us to get “booted off line”.  It seems that there is an interface issue between the modem and the Cradlepoint router.  We are currently in the fringe of a 4G area with the strength varying between one to two bars per the Verizon’s manager.  When the modem is attached to the router and the signal drops to one bar strength, we get “booted off line” because the signal is not strong enough once it has been processed by the router.

Because the router detects a 4G signal it doesn’t search for a stronger signal and switch to that.  By going into the router settings and “locking” it onto a 3G signal (essentially turning off 4G) we have eliminated this problem.  However, that means that if we are in an area where we get a strong 4G signal we will still be operating at on 3G speeds, but it’s still fast and better than getting “booted off line”.  We are receiving 1.00 mbps download speed and 0.38 mbps upload speeds while here and we’re happy with that.  

I understand that we get a strong 4G signal at Rainbow Plantation.  If that’s the case, then I’ll just go into the router settings once more and change it back to 4G – “that was easy”.  By the way, Verizon, also, has an LG VL600 USB 4G Modem and I haven’t heard of these problems occurring with it.  So, like anything else, do your homework.

If we continue having problems with the Pantech modem, I just may go to Verizon and see if we can switch the Pantech for the LG as both are offered as FREE.  However, there’s just one last thing to keep in mind; when you change modems you may have to install new firmware onto your router.  If it ain’t one thing, then it’s another.

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