Tuesday, August 23, 2011

An Overnighter In Kokomo

Man, are we ever getting slower.  We didn’t manage to get underway until after eleven o’clock yesterday morning.  That made the five hour trip seem longer than it actually was.  We like to be off the road early, but didn’t make it to Kokomo until four o’clock – which is kinda early, I guess. 

Thank goodness for great friends.  We hadn’t eaten since around eight in the morning and were famished.  Don and Gloria met us at our camp site, the Automobile Heritage Museum parking lot, and took us to their home for a nice home cooked meal.  It was yummy, every last morsel of it – including the vanilla ice cream topped with fresh strawberries and chocolate sauce.  Thanks guys for being you.

We hadn’t seen Don and Gloria since last April so it was nice to chat, chew, and chuckle together for about four and a half hours.  They even stopped by Kroger’s so we could get some milk for tomorrow morning’s breakfast.  We ended up picking up a few other items that were on sale as well, like some nice grapes at a buck twenty eight a pound.

So traveling and visiting was pretty much our day.  Today we continue our southward trek toward a grand child fix.  It was last April when we last saw those little munchkins as well.  Waaaay toooo long according to Grandma (and Grandpa).  Somehow we have to get this family of ours settled a little closer together so we can have more grand kid fixes with all six of our grand children.  Oh well, it is what it is.  We’ll just haveta make do.

It’s on the road again, so Take Care Until Next Time  - - - - - -

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