Saturday, August 27, 2011

A Luncheon, A Campfire, A Change

Yesterday morning we joined grand daughter Catia for lunch.  Her school allows, actually encourages, parents and grand parents to join their off spring for lunch time.  It was a decent meal, but, of course, the main draw was spending time with our grand daughter in her element. 

We arrived at the school, checked in, and got our visitor badges and then waited in the corridor watching as classes made their way from room to room or from room to the cafeteria or from room to wherever.  It was like watching boot camp companies moving around a military base.  Occasionally there would be a traffic jam, but mostly the movements were well choreographed to ensure that everyone got to their destinations in a timely manner.

Finally Catia’s class made it’s way toward the cafeteria; we joined the march through the kitchen and onto the dining area.  No tin cups, just plastic trays.  We had a choice of mac and cheese or mystery meat.  Judy took one and I took the other so we could switch off.  Catia gets ice cream on Fridays and, just like a typical child, she ate dessert first (you know, life is short so eat dessert first).  It was fun and we enjoyed our visit.  It’s something that we’ll probably do again in the future.

From school, we made a quick stop by JoAnn Fabrics in Mt. Juliet.  Judy needed more fabric for another quilt – mine.  Yep, finally, after all the grand kids, Grandpa gets his quilt.  Come this winter, when temperatures plummet into the forties, I will be nice and warm and comfy with my new rag quilt.  I even helped pick out the colors; I still want some green added to the mix.  I’ll beg for that once we get back to the Plantation.

Then it was home for some down time (read that as reading time).  The kids and grand kids showed up just after seven o’clock for a campfire and s’mores.  It’s fun to have a fire with your grand kids; it’s more fun to fill them full of sugar and watch their parents deal with them.  Sugar high, sugar high!!!!

Finally, there’s a change coming to this blog.  Our travels over the past five years has not been what we had envisioned when we began this journey.  That’s not necessarily a bad thing as we have gotten to spend a lot of quality time with our family which, as you know, is spread out across the eastern U. S..  Therefore, we have repeatedly traveled a lot of the same routes and “stayed put” in one place a little longer than we had originally intended. 

Beginning this fall we are going to change our traveling habits.  We will spend more time at Rainbow Plantation throughout the year while taking shorter trips from there and then returning for awhile before heading out again.  Therefore, sometime in September, we are going to change the frequency of our publishing the blog to once or twice a week (there’s just not much to share each day when you’re sitting still). 

Then, one of my projects for this winter will be to revive the Wandering America website by updating all of the travelogues and articles by incorporating the information from the past year and a half blog entries.  Then we’ll go back to publishing travelogues on the website when we’re on the road.  More about all the changes in the next few days.   

Take Care Until Next Time  - - - - - - -

P. S.  As you have noticed by the late entry, we’re having another bad hair “internet access” day.


  1. OK - slack off on the blog publishing if you must - I'll have to find something else to look forward to each morning with my coffee!

    Lunch at school sounded like a lot of fun!

  2. But of course eat dessert first - especially if it's ice cream! Sounds like a fun lunch date.

  3. So glad you all got to spend time with Catia in her element. I know when I taught we always loved it when grandparents came!!
    Hey, the blog/or website goes like write and we read. Mike and I will look forward to reading whenever you post. As you know, we realized our travels were going to be very very limited and that is ONE reason we decided to "part-time" travel. Spending extended time at Rainbow is most certainly NOT a bad thing!! Love that place!!