Sunday, August 21, 2011

Amish Farm Veggie Stands

Like we forecasted for yesterday morning, it rained.  We had thunder showers that began around noon and lasted until after two.  That provided us with enough incentive to take a nice little katt nap to catch up on our lost sleep from the night before.  It felt good to snooze with the rain pitter pattering on the roof and thunder rolling in the distant background.  Even Alex the Katt joined us by bedding down between us, right across our pillows.  Have you ever seen a katt smile?  Well, think Cheshire katt here.  Katie curled up and snoozed on her blankie which is on the sofa in the living room.

After our katt nap, we went in search of some fresh veggies.  One of the greatest things about this area is the Amish Farms and their road side stands.  We’ve gotten some of the tastiest veggies over this past couple weeks. 

Green Peppers, huge, three for a dollar – they are some of the sweetest green peppers that we’ve tasted in a long, long time.  Sweet Corn, twenty five cents an ear – again, so tasty that we’ve been back for seconds, and thirds!  Red Onions, huge, fifty cents a piece – so sweet that you could eat them like an apple.  Tomatoes, huge, fifty cents each – fresh off the vine, plump and juicy and taste like real tomatoes (not like that crap from Mexico).  Cucumbers, huge, fifty cents a piece – nice and firm, moist and tasty.  And the melon, extra huge, a buck fifty – sweet, juicy, and flavorful (we normally cut a melon into quarters, but this one we had to cut into eighths).  There was much, much more to chose from as well (and I’m not even going to mention the fresh home made bread that we brought home). 

If only supermarkets had vegetables as fresh and tasty as these; we could eat a healthy diet in a heart beat.  Also, the prices were half what the supermarkets are selling the “fresh” stale stuff for.  Bring on the Amish Farm Veggie Stands.

Our time here is winding down so we joined Ray and Pat for an evening meal last night after they got home from church.  Pat made a nice pasta dish with ground turkey, sausage, and vegetables and we provided fresh corn, and sliced raw veggies.  We really enjoy our stays here at the R&P Country Campground and look forward to returning many more times in the future.

This morning we’ll attend worship at Howard City Community Church, where we worshipped whenever we were “camping” at Mecosta Pines Campground in Morley.  Then we’ll begin the arduous task of “packing our bags” and getting ready to roll.  Tomorrow it’s on the road again heading to Kokomo, Indiana and a short visit with Don and Gloria Martin.  Then it’s off for another grand child fix.

So, Take Care Until Next Time  - - - - - - -

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