Friday, August 26, 2011

More Grand Kid Fixes

Just another day in the life.  Yesterday we were able to get online whenever we wanted and had great speeds – wonder what was up with Wednesday?

Anyhow, it was over to the kids house for an early cookout.  Matt had the day off and as soon as Catia came home from school we fired up the grill.  The kids had hot dawgs and the adults had hamburgers.  Grandma had made a potato salad and we had plenty of raw veggies on hand.  There was watermelon for dessert.

Today we are joining Catia for a lunch date at school.  We’ll be able to see her just as soon as we check into the office, show identification, get finger printed, and dawn our prison grab.  But, it’s what you do when you have grand children and it will be fun.

This afternoon, Judy wants to visit JoAnn Fabrics.  She has another 40% off coupon that expires Sunday and needs some more fabric (she already has her thimble which we are paying for in installments). 

This evening the kids are joining us for a campfire and s’mores; another fun time with the grand kids.  So that’s it for today.

Take Care Until Next Time  - - - - - - -

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  1. Nothing like a grandkid fix...we had ours last weekend...we were tired but restocked on the grands hugs...sounds like you have a great weekend planned enjoy!