Monday, August 15, 2011

The Little Hockey Puck

Beware of the ides of August.  Yep, today is August 15th; the fifteenth is the ides of a month.  Remember Julius Caesar?  Cassius told him to “beware of the ides of March”.  He was assassinated on March 15, 0042.  Anyway, today is the ides of August, but I know nothing that we have to beware of.  I only mention it because it is half past August already – Inconceivable!!!

Here is a picture of our youngest grand child – Radek, the little hockey puck.  He is named after a hockey player, I wonder why?  “Fooouuurr!!!”  Oops, wrong sport.  “Scooorrre!!!”

Yesterday was another laid back day.  We cleaned up the house, crossed a couple of minor items off the “Ta Do” List, and accomplished a lot of reading.  Today we get back to Birthday and Christmas shopping for our oldest.  Our game plan is to minimize shipping costs; it can cost almost as much to ship some items as it costs to buy them in the first place.

We need to take the television wall mount back to Menard’s.  I now see why they reduced the price by 60%, it was machined backwards and cannot be mounted on a wall.  I could modify my design to accommodate it, but I’m not in that mind set.  So I’ve redesigned the new stand so that I won’t need a wall mount at all.  Reworking the entertainment center will be on Wednesday and Thursday’s agenda.

We’re still trying to get pictures of the deer, but they haven’t passed through our back yard the past couple of nights.  We still think that they will show again before we leave and we’re ready to make pictures of them when they do.

Take Care Until Next Time  - - - - - - - 

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