Thursday, August 18, 2011

Another One Bites The Dust!!!!!

Got another item crossed off the Ol’ Ta Do List – almost.  The “new” television is now permanently installed, however, I still have to modify the face plate.  I’ll do that once we get “home” (Rainbow Plantation).  At least I won’t have to carry the TV to the bed anymore before hitting the road.

So, the only thing we have left to do while here at the Ray and Pat’s Country Campground is to wash the rig – that is allowed here at R&P’s as well as at all Escapee parks.  Oops, I forgot, we have a day/night shade to restring.  Ray and Pat have one too, so we’ll have a “string ‘em up” party later today.  And then the only thing left to do will be wash the rig.

The deer didn’t show up last night, what’s up with that?  We still want a group picture, but they’re just not cooperating.  They must have gotten the word that we want to “shoot them”.  Someone has to tell them that we aren’t looking for venison in our freezer, just a photo shoot (or photo op).

We had a nice meatloaf (not venison) with fresh Michigan corn and fresh picked veggies for dinner and then finished the evening off with a nice “small” dish of ice cream from King’s Corner in Sylvester, Michigan.  Their idea of small is huge!!!  However, it was yummy ice cream; that Traverse City Cherry Chocolate is to die for!

Take Care Until Next Time  - - - - - - -

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