Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Life Of Riley – Almost

So, whacha do yesterday?  Well, we decided to make a run into Mount Pleasant to pick up some “stuff”.  Miss Judy is still looking for a thimble so she wanted to stop at a quilting shop that she remembered from when we lived here.  The Twisted Sisters, oops, I mean the Quilted Sisters shop moved to another town before we left, but there was another shop, however, it is no more.  I guess college students don’t spend very much money at quilt shops; therefore, no thimble (and most likely a big savings on my part).

But, I made up for it.  We went to Menard’s to get the “stuff” needed to install the new plexi-glass into the storm door and the “stuff” needed to install the new television into the entertainment center.  Fortunately it cost less than thirty bucks for all the needed “stuff”.

Then it was onto Uncle Wally’s to restock the larder.  Oh yes, we stopped by Tractor Supply to pick up some kitty food, their larder needed restocking as well. 

We managed to get home by 3:00 so I rearranged the “living room” furniture for some serious reading and relaxing time.  It was so relaxing that I even managed to doze off for a few minutes between chapters.


And, here’s a view “From Darrell’s Chair”.


So, we sort of, kind of lived the Life of Riley yesterday afternoon; we’ll live it today for sure.  We’re staying put all day and giving the truck the day off.  We will work on some of our “projects”, but we don’t want to rush into things so we’ll take it nice and slow and easy.  I’m sure that a nap may even work its way into the agenda, we’ll “haveta” see, but there’ll be some reading time in the daily agenda.  Aaah, the way life should be!!

Oh, by the way, here is the poster that we found on our site when we arrived on Tuesday.  Notice who gets top billing and who’s at the bottom of the list.


Take Care Until Next Time  - - - - - - -

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  1. Love that poster!! And we are very envious of that site, as well. Beautiful. So glad you're enjoying life as it should be (even if you're not in Maine!). Take care!