Tuesday, August 02, 2011

The Long, Long Travel Day

Yay, today is a “down day”, in that we are hunkering down and taking it easy.  Yesterday we traveled from Centreville, Virginia to Cambridge, Ohio; a seven and a half hour drive.  Our goal for this trip is to do two travel days with a two night stay in between, rather than three shorter back to back travel days, en route to Judy’s sister’s place in Michigan.

After our long travel day, the “Feed Me” demon attacked which meant that dinner was in order.  A quick trip to Bob Evans quenched that need and then, once we were home, the “sleepies” took over.  We actually ended up in bed before it was dark under the table.  The katts were worn out as well – they find traveling stressful and after a long day they just stretch out somewhere and doze off.

Anyhow, today we plan on staying in our PJs all day long and not showing our pointed little heads outside, not even once.  I need to load the Verizon software onto my new computer so I can review the settings for our air card.  It is still “dropping us” from the internet which tends to pi - -, oops, I mean, aggravate us to no end.  So, fix it, I must!! 

Also, I have to up load some new maps onto Miss Maggie Mae Garmin so that she’ll know where we are.  She’s old with dementia problems and can only handle a portion of the country at one time.  Yesterday we drove right out from underneath her map portfolio and she became a full fledged member of the “we’re the Frigawei” tribe (as in “where the frig are we”?).

Speaking of Miss Maggie Mae Garmin, she’s getting pretty crotchety in her old age.  If we don’t follow her directions to the tee, and she has to “off route, recalulating” more than twice, she gets very angry and sends us on one heck of a wild goose chase.  She’ll get us to our destination all right, but she takes us down all the back roads to do so.  This happened to us when going to visit Randy and Terry and, then, she tried it again on our way to Joel and Mary’s.  It maybe time to let her retire, sit in her power cradle, and collect whatever’s left of Social Security.

Judy’s not sure what she’ll attempt today.  She may sew, she may read, and/or she may sleep all day.  Somewhere during our Sunday’s outing she managed to pick up a cold.  Now, how do you pick up a cold in 97* temperatures?  I don’t know, but she did it and is now downing Day Quill like soda pop.

Speaking of Sunday’s outing, we have a whole bunch of pictures to go through and we didn’t get “a round tuit” yesterday with our travel and all, so we’ll have to do that today as well.  That will make a nice post for tomorrow since we are not going to do anything special today.

Well, enough rambling.  Take Care Until Next Time  - - - - - - 

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