Monday, June 21, 2010

“And The Heat Goes On”

“And the heat goes on, and the heat goes on.  Sun keeps pounding a rhythm to the brain.”  Everyday Nancy, the weather girl, keeps telling us today will be hotter than yesterday and tomorrow will be hotter than today.  It was hot yesterday but, the humidity was low enough that it wasn’t too bad.  More of the same for today, and for another week for that matter.

We do seem it be in a pattern of weather extremes.  Last summer we experienced the wettest summer on record, last winter we experienced days on end of cold weather.  At least this weather is a lot better than either of those scenarios.

At 6:28 this morning it officially became the first day of summer – and we were up to witness it.  Yay, “It’s summertime, summertime, sum, sum, summertime.”  Summertime is one of my four favorite seasons of the year.

Speaking of summertime, Judy has been looking at our trip northeast that is coming up in just a few weeks.  As always, we struggle with finding reasonably priced places to stay along the route getting to Maine.  A few prerequisites are:  One, don’t wanna drive more than five hours a day.  Two, don’t wanna drive more than two days back to back (Alex doesn’t even wanna do that).  Three, don’t know what three is.

We plan to spend a few days at Raccoon Valley before journeying on, so we are considering that as our starting place.  Raccoon Valley is only about three hours from where we are currently parked.  Four/five hours from there brings us into Virginia, next would be Pennsylvania, followed by Connecticut, and then arriving in Maine.  So we are looking for someplace in Pennsylvaina to spend a couple of days. 

We will be “picking up” Randy and Terry along the way.  They are currently located in Dover, Pennsylvania (which is near Hershey) so that would be the area where we would like to spend at least a couple of days.  We have contemplated the Gettysburg area although we’ve been there twice before.  If anyone has any ideas, leave us a comment to let us know.  Thanks!!

Well, yesterday was Father’s Day and we celebrated it with a cook-in; that’s what you do when it’s super hot outside.  Matthew, Jackie, Catia, Kalina, and Radek came for hot dawgs, potato salad, beans, Jello, and no bake cookies.  We huddled around the air conditioner while cooking the dawgs on our electric grill; no S’mores, though, air conditioners don’t do a very good job at cooking marshmallows.  A good time was had by all!!  Hope the rest of you dad’s out there had as good of a time as I did.

And, I guess, that’s it for today.  Be safe, have fun, and God bless.


  1. Where in Maine to you go and stay??

  2. Keep us posted on your decisions. We have made no plans after July 6 when the kids leave. We are trying to figure out a plan to get to Maine from Newburgh.

    Stay cool!

  3. Peggy and I have stayed in the Natural Bridge, VA area a few times. Playing tourist at "the Natural Bridge" was interesting. Unfortunately it costs tourist $$ and the nearby PA park - doesn't provide discounts in the summer. We have also stayed near Staunton, VA and did a day trip down a portion of the Blue Ridge Parkway. Beautiful country - but leave the 5er at home!

  4. Leno - We'll be at Blueberry Pond Campground just outside of Freeport.

    Mark and Dortha - Whe we leave here we'll be heading to Raccoon Valley for a few days before leaving to meet up with Randy and Terry. Maybe we can meet up there and travel together?