Sunday, June 27, 2010

Piddling Around

We began the day by piddling around the house before making a quick trip to Wally World.  Piddling means wasting time; spending one’s time idly and insufficiently.  Well, maybe we weren’t entirely piddling but, we were doing insignificant things and accomplishing little.

Catia’s ballgame started out on schedule but ended up being cut short due to a fast moving thunderstorm.  These storms fester up in a hurry and go blasting by just as fast.  Along with them we get a reprieve from the heat but, they don’t last for very long and, often, brings increased humidity.

Being that it was an afternoon game and right next door to the church, we elected not to drive the 40 minutes back home to just turn around and drive back.  So, we took a short drive around the area south of Murfreesboro and then went and hung out at the church.  They have comfortable easy chairs in the Fellowship Hall where we could just sit in an air conditioned room and read which is just what we did.

After church we came home and piddled around the house some more before heading off to bed.  Certainly not the most exciting day that we’ve ever experienced but, somewhat of a nice slow down from trying to keep up with two little tikes.  Our grand daughters are very good for us but, they just have higher energy levels than we do; even still, we enjoy every minute that we get to spend with them.

Guess who’s coming to dinner?  Check us out tomorrow for the answer and, in the mean time, have a great Sunday.  Don’t forget to give thanks to God for His goodness.

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