Sunday, June 06, 2010

A Bust and A Boon

The boy and the girl got up around their normal time this morning.  The girl made the coffee and the boy poured us a couple of cups to get the morning started.  The boy and the girl need their coffee in order to get their hearts pumping so they can face the day.

Yesterday morning turned out to be a bust.  We drove to Shelbyville, Tennessee thinking that it would be in a pretty portion of the state, however, we can tell you that Shelbyville doesn’t have the “It” factor.  While we were in Shelbyville we noticed liquid dripping from the bottom of the truck only to discover that we have another coolant issue. 

This will be the third summer in a row that we’ve had to deal with a cooling system problem and I must tell you that it’s getting pretty darned annoying.  It doesn’t leak all the time (just when there is coolant in the system – no, just kidding) so we’re hoping it’s just a loose fitting or a hose that needs replacing.  I can’t find where the leak is coming from by crawling under the truck so I’ll need to get it up on a lift to see if I can find the problem.

Once we get the truck repaired we’ll be making a trip over to Crossville, Tennessee that is located in the Cumberland Plateau.  The Cumberland Plateau is the southern part of the Appalachian Plateau which begins in Alabama and cuts across Tennessee roughly midway between Knoxville and Nashville. 

There are four state parks along with the Cumberland Trail for hiking located in the Cumberland Plateau.  Also found in the Plateau is home to the Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area which extends up into Kentucky.  We’re looking forward to spending sometime exploring this area in the coming weeks.

Last evening we attended church with the kids and grand kids.  World Outreach Church is a mega church in Murfreesboro.  Being this close to Nashville, you just know that they have to have excellent music.  The sanctuary seats 2,800 people and they hold four services over the weekend (two on Saturday evening and two on Sunday morning).  The preaching is always very good and very relevant which means we had a great worship experience.

Being that the truck is broken, we’re just gonna lay low today.  We’ll kick around the house, do a few chores, and work on a few basket weaving projects.  Maybe take a dip in the pool and watch a movie tonight, who knows.  Tomorrow we will share some more Georgia travels with you – another beautiful area with some more pictures to share with you.    

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