Wednesday, June 09, 2010

The “Tail” Of Two Kitties

Good morning y’all, Katie and Alex here.  It’s been a while since we last shared with you so we figured we’d better get busy.  We’ll be working in tandem (that mean’s together) on this post.  Gotcha coffee?  Comfy in your ‘cliner?  Then, by all means, let’s get started.

As you know, if you’ve been good blog followers and read the About Us section, we are Purebred Ragdoll Katts.  That means we’re the real deal, no obscured blood lines in our lineage and we have the papers to prove it (at least mom and dad have the papers).  Now, onto what we wanted to share.

Over the past week we have been hanging out here in Middle Tennessee, it has been a little warm for us long haired Ragdoll Kitty Katts with temperatures in the high eighties and low nineties.  The past couple of days the humidity has been in the forties but, prior to that, the humidity had been in the high seventies – yuck!!!

Katie Hanging Out In Tennessee Alex Hanging Out In Tennessee  

Starting today we are going to see steamy weather come back for the next several days; that is, temps hanging around 90* and humidity hanging around 75%.  If you stop by for a visit, please be sure to wring us out.

Now, Katie here.  Alex has been helping mom with her quilting.  He loves mom’s new sewing machine, there’s all kinds of thing-a-kabobs to bat at and play with.  Plus, mom gets out thread, pieces of fabric, and other paraphernalia (how do you like my vocabulary?) that he finds “vewy, vewy intewesting!”

Alex Helping Out With A Quilting Project

Alex here.  Katie never gets caught getting into things, but I can assure you that she is just a mischievous as I am, maybe even more so.  She can open all the doors in the RV and get into places that mom says we’re not supposed to get into.  We don’t have any pictures of her doing it because she’s “vewy, vewy discweet!”

Katie and Alex here.  Here are some pictures of us when we were just little kitties growing up in Harbor Springs, Michigan.  We always enjoyed celebrating the special holidays such as Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day.

Thanksgiving 2002 Valentine's Day 2003

Harbor Springs, Michigan is up in snow country and we lived within a mile of the major skiing resorts.  Us katts decided that we would give it a try but, we can tell you that we “purr-fur” the beach.  Anybody have any hot choco?

Katie and Alex Sliding on the Ski  Slope

Speaking of the beach, here’s Katie sunning herself.  “Where’s my pina colada?”

Katie At The Beach

One thing that a lot of people don’t know is that Ragdoll Katts love to travel.  Well, a little riding goes a long way (Alex hates two travel days in a row).  Here’s dad and mom getting ready to head out with Katie (Alex is in the driver’s seat of the motorhome).

We're Ready To Roll

Okay, here are just some random shots of us along the way as we’ve been traveling.

Baby Alex Napping On A Spring Day Katie Taking A Dip At The Beach Katie In The Jungle Alex Celebrating The 4th Of July

Oh yes, one last tid bit for you.  Ragdoll Katts are “vewy, vewy intelwigent!” We enjoy a good book from time to time (note, Alex is reading upside down – how clever is that?).  He’s reading “The Tale Of Two Cities” (snicker, snicker – didcha notice the title of today’s post?) – smart Katt, that one.  Also, Ragdolls have a sense of humor, too!

"A Tale Of Two Cities"

This morning mom and dad are going over to take care of the two munchkins while Matt and Jackie go to the doctor’s for an ultra-sound.  There should be some news as to when baby Radek will be making the scene.  Us katts will stay at home and hold the fort down. 

It’s supposed to rain with severe winds this afternoon so we hope mom and dad get home before that happens.  We don’t like thunderstorms so please pray for us.  Dad will be back tomorrow so hang in there until then.  Bye for now!

Katie and Alex

P.S.  Dad and Mom got the truck back yesterday morning – it’s all better now, at least for a little while.  Hope it doesn’t get sick again ‘cause it could start dipping into our kitty food account.

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