Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Grandparents Called For Duty

Well, as you can tell (pretty smart people, y’all) this is not a trip from our past.  Actually, it’s a trip from our present.  Yesterday, just as we returned from running errands, we received THE CALL – Jackie’s In Labor.  So we rushed over to their house, beat Matthew who was coming from work, and assumed our duties as the Nannies.

Matthew took Jackie to the hospital where they monitored her for several hours, affirmed that she is in labor, but sent her home anyway; it’s just not time.  It could be a couple hours or a couple of days yet.  Oh yuck, a couple of days of labor in this heat; what could be finer?  They returned home just before eight (PM) so we munched up two little packlins (I mean we packed up two little munchkins) and brought them home with us for the night(s).

Needless to say, there were two excited little girls (namely Catia and Kalina) but, not so for two little kitty katts (namely Katie and Alex) who experienced the child invasion.  Catia has been wanting to “sleep over” with Grandma and Grandpa for awhile now and Kalina just wants to do whatever her older sister is doing – see, some things remain the same from generation to generation.

The girls seemed to sleep just fine but, Grandma and Grandpa didn’t.  Not because of the girls but because of the katts.  They decided to take up residency in our bed for the entire night.  Usually they come in with us at beddy time but then disperse themselves off to the recliners within a half hour or so.  Being that there were munchkins in the livingroom, a scary thing for a spoiled katt, they deemed it safer to stay by Mom and Dad’s side.

Oh well, we got through the night and are now entering Tuesday morning.  I’ve retreated to the bedroom to write this post while Grandma Judy is the brave one engaged on the front lines.  It’s time for me to put down the computer and go lend a helping hand now (or at least make my own coffee) now that everything is under control.  So, you’ll have to tune in tomorrow and see how our day progressed.

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