Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Just Another Day In The Life

Well, we ended up doing the chores and making the Post Office run.  The chores, in this case, was the bi-weekly Walmart shopping trip.  We had seriously considered a trip to Crossville but, being that we didn’t get an early start, we scratched that idea.  It’s almost a two hour trip over there (and two hours back) so we need to get going a little earlier in the day.

We did do a drive around Murfreesboro to get acquainted with some of the neighborhoods.  The thought is that we will need to locate somewhere someday and being that the kids are here, this might be the place.  However, Murfreesboro doesn’t really have the “It” factor for us or, at least, it doesn’t have the “It” factor right now.

A cloud cover showed up around three o’clock and cooled things off by about ten degrees, however, the humidity remained high so it was still uncomfortable.  Tomorrow a front is going to pass through the area clearing out some of the humidity but, temperatures are going to go even higher on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.

So that was our day.  Not all that exciting except for watching the grub making it’s way into the cupboards; there’s always a certain amount of appeal to that.  Okay, I guess enough is enough; try to remain cool, calm, and collected.   

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