Friday, June 11, 2010

The Grand Nannies

It sure beats the cold but, hot and steamy does cause one to slow down the pace just a little.  You seem to run from one air conditioned room to another; well, let’s rephrase that – you slowly walk from one AC’d room to another.

Yesterday was another fun filled day with the Grand Daughters.  They seem to like grand parents being around; do you suppose that is because they can get away with more?  Old people don’t see every move, hear every noise, or move as swiftly as parents and they don’t give a good swift whack on the backsides when it is needed.  Grand parents are just a soft touch, although they do get cranky from time to time.

We went over to the house late yesterday morning to help keep the kids busy so Jackie could just relax.  Grandma Judy made them a very special lunch of PB&J sandwiches and then it was nap time.  At that time, the old people returned home to take a nap with the katts.

Then it was back to pick up the girls to take Catia to T-ball practice.  Kalina took her ball as well and played “fetch” with grandpa.  Being that it was hot and steamy, we tried to keep her slowed down but that wasn’t happening.  The good news is that both girls are heavy drinkers (no silly, they aren’t hitting the hard stuff - yet) so they get plenty of fluids while playing outside in this heat.

Being nannies for your grand children is nothing short of great.  We really enjoy being close to the grand kids and spending a part of each day with them.  It is something special for sure; just wish our other grand kids were close by as well. 

We certainly can empathize with those who struggle with the decision to fulltime when their families are all close by.  If that had been the case with us, I’m not sure if we would have gone fulltime.  There’s a lot to be said for extended traveling, but for us, with our family scattered hither and thither, it just makes sense.  We can’t wait to spend some time with the New Hampshire bunch later this summer.

Well, that’s it for today.  The Grand Nannies are on duty and that’s just the way it should be!  Life is good!!!

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