Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Radek James Patterson – Present And Accounted For

Radek James Patterson - Two Hours Old

Yesterday at 12:46 PM, Central Time, Radek James Patterson entered this world.  His first official act was to let loose with his fire hose letting the delivery room crew know that that piece of equipment was in full working order.

Here are the stats: 8lbs 11ozs, 19.5”lg, 10 toes, 8 fingers, 2 thumbs, 2 eyes, 2 ears, 1 nose, 1 mouth, 1 wee wee (fully functioning), and a full head of hair.  He has a good set of lungs and is capable of letting everyone within screaming distance know of his displeasure.

Mother and Child Matt, Jackie, and Radek

Mother and son are both doing just fine; doesn’t Jackie look great after delivering just two hours ago?  We took the girls over to see their two hour old baby brother yesterday afternoon.  Catia wanted to bring him home “right there and then” and couldn’t understand why he had to stay in the hospital.  After all, when you get a new toy you just take it home and play with it, don’t you?  What’s with all this waiting stuff?

Catia With Mom and Baby Brother

Kalina, on the other hand, had absolutely no concept that “this thing” wrapped in blankets had anything to do with her mommy’s belly.  Whenever the word “baby” was mentioned she would point to Jackie’s belly and say, “Baby!”  I guess she thinks baby is part of her mother’s anatomy.  She’ll grasp the meaning of “baby” in a few days when mother and child comes home from the hospital and “baby” starts getting more attention than she does.

Proud Sister Kalina Wants To Play, Too!What Are They Looking At? Oh, There He Is! 

After getting the munchkins into bed last night I asked Judy how we could have possibly raised four of them.  We were so exhausted that we didn’t have enough energy to go to bed.  So we sat in the recliners looking at the dawg thinking maybe Gunner would put us to bed but, he just turned three circles in front of the door and whined.  “Can’t you just walk yourself, Dawg?  After all, you have four legs and I only have two and mine are all worn out!”  No deal, so a trip to the back yard it was.

Well, we got a decent night’s sleep even though we were not in our own bed and here we are, waiting for this morning’s brew to ready itself so we can partake of a cup of energy.  The girls are still in bed, the dawg has been walked and life is good.

What will today bring?  Grandpa is going to take Catia swimming while grandma is going to take Kalina swinging.  Then, somewhere during the day, it will be another visit to the hospital.  Oh yes, we can’t forget to spend some time with Katie and Alex; they were left at home alone last night and will be needing some attention.

So, that’s it for today but here are a couple of parting shots:

A Proud Grandma Judy With Her New GrandsonThe Proud Grand ParentsOh yes, one last thing – Grandma Sheila and Grandpa Mike, Radek sends his love.


  1. Your daughter and SIL did a great job! Congratulations! At least you know you can get some sleep soon. Your offspring will be sleepless for years to come!

  2. Congratulations!!! Glad all went well and everyone is doing well. He is just adorable!!
    You all enjoy your new addition to the family.:)

    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

  3. Thanks, everyone. Randy and Terry, we got your comment but for some reason it didn't post when I "told" it to. I was disappointed that you wanted more photos of the baby and not the grandpa - oh well, it is what it is. Hopefully we'll make more pictures today for tomorrow's post.

  4. Thanks for the pictures! And I feel special 'cause we were specifically mentioned in comments. :) hehehee As expected, Radek is adorable. Jackie does look fabulous! Here's hoping G'pa and G'ma get some rest.