Wednesday, June 02, 2010

The Domestics

It was another uneventful travel day, other than a couple of rain showers along the way.  We arrived at the campground a little after two Central Time and acquired a really nice site on the end of a row where our patio faces east.  There are shade trees to our right that shade us from the hot afternoon sun.  This is an old KOA campground with mostly narrow pull through sites but, being on the end gives us about a site and a half.

The site almost has the “It” factor even though the campground itself does not.  Ninety five percent of the people here are monthly rentals; some live here, some are construction workers, while others are here as volunteers assisting with the flood clean-up.  And then there is us; just your average run of the mill domestics/nanny types.  We should fit right in just fine!!!

We’ll put on our uniforms this morning and begin our duties shortly.  Judy is going to take Jackie to the doctor’s while I stay home and manage the munchkins on the home front – pray for me!!!  Actually, I should do just fine it will only be an hour and a half (it will just seem like two eternities).  Hopefully the little munchkins won’t be all wound up and excited to see the arrival of the new chauffeur and nanny.

The weather report for the rest of the week is sunny with temperatures hanging right around the ninety degree mark during the day and near the seventy degree mark at night.  Isolated thunder storms are in the forecast for each day (ten to twenty percent chance) with humidity remaining around sixty percent and winds less than ten miles per hour.  That means that I will be able to put out the awning so we can “sit out on the patio” to have our coffee in the mornings and our margaritas in the evenings – how sweet ‘tis!!!

Hang in there, we’ll be planning some outings and posting some pictures in the near future.  There’s still a lot more for us to see and do here in Middle Tennessee.  Have a great day and be sure to hug your katt or dawg – they’ve been working hard and deserve it!!

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