Sunday, June 13, 2010

Take Me Out To The Ball Game

And out to the ball game we did go!!!   It may have been hotter than Hades outside but, life goes on and this was our Grand Daughter Catia’s first T-Ball game.  Wouldn’t have missed it if it had been 10* hotter.

Catia did just great; she hit, she ran bases, she fielded, and even threw a runner out at first base.  Her dad and mom’s training has helped.  Dad is into anything that has a ball involved in it and her mom, who is also into sports, played softball in high school.

Here are some photos that tell the whole story.  First of all, you need the fans.  (Be sure to use the cursor over the picture to read the captions.)Special Fans Kalina and GrannyWas That A Fly Ball?Then, of course, you need the cheerleaders!Head Cheerleader, KalinaThe Cheerleader With The Star PlayerNext you need the players.The BrewersAll Star Player - CatiaNow you’re all ready – Let’s Play Ball!!!  Catia is the third batter up and she’s waiting in the dugout with great anticipation.Third Batter UpThe pressure is on; there’s two runners on base with no outs – can Catia blast a home run otta the field?Strike One!It's The Pitch!! And It's A  Base Hit!It’s a base hit which leaves the bases loaded and no outs, way to go Catia!!!Safe At First.Catia makes her move and scores a run, that makes it Brewers 3, Cardinals 0.S-C-O-R-E; Oops, Wrong Game!!!Now the Brewer’s take the outfield with their star pitcher winding up for the pitch!!  Catia is looking for a shut out game!  Can she do it?Strike Him Out, Strike Him Out!!Oh no, it’s a hit, but wait!!  Catia fields the ball and throws the runner out at first.  What a player!!!  This girl can do it all!!!  And to think, this is only her first game, folks.  What a career is in store for this young lady.Catia Fields The Ball , , , , And Throws It To First For The Out!What a game!!  Brewers win it 20 to 16, it was a real nail biter at times but, with their star player’s athletic ability the Brewers were able to pull it out.  Whew, I tell ya folks, it’s gonna be one heck of a season – this Brewers team with their future Hall of Famer, Catia, should have a fantastic year.    

On our way home from the game we stopped at Papa Murphey’s to pick up a pizza; they make the pizza and you bring it home to cook it.  They have a great thin crust and you can get a large one topping pizza for $4.99.  We chose a garlic sauce with chicken pizza and added mushrooms, onions, and dried tomatoes to it before shoving it into the oven.  ‘Twas yummy!!

Yesterday evening we went to worship at the World Outreach Church where another “Small World Event” took place.  More about that tomorrow.

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