Thursday, June 17, 2010

Vegging Out

So, here I sit, with coffee in hand, pondering what I should write about today.  Um!!  Let’s see.  What did we do yesterday; well – Judy took Jackie to her doctor’s appointment while I stayed with the munchkins, then we did a little more driving around Murfreesboro, stopped at Demo’s for lupper, and came home.  Wait a minute, that’s pretty much what we have been doing everyday.  Oh well, it is what it is!!

Other than our kids and grand kids (and a really nice church) there is absolutely nothing that attracts us to the Murfreesboro area.  Now, if you are thinking that we are looking to come off the road soon, that’s really not the case.  It’s just that we have some time to kill.  It’s been way too hot to go biking or hiking so riding about in an air conditioned truck is filling the void. 

The area that we explored yesterday is fairly pretty.  It is southeast of Murfreesboro with lots of horse farms along the rolling countryside.  Being that it was a last minute decision to go riding about, we didn’t have our camera with us; therefore, no pictures.

We still want to go to the Crossville, Tennessee area as it is in what is known as the Cumberland Plateau which is a range of mountains running through Middle Tennessee.  There are several state parks with biking and hiking trails and some nice canoeing areas.  The problem is that the weather forecast for the next week is for hotter weather than we have been seeing.  I guess we’ll just have to take another change of clothes with us and sweat it out.

Tune in tomorrow as we’re searching our archives for some photographs to share with you from our past.  It should be an interesting trip.  Bye, bye for now!!

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