Saturday, June 05, 2010

Hanging Out In Tennessee

Another morning of sitting outside and sipping our burnt umber while watching the sun rise.  However, this morning we slept in – Judy got up at 5:30 and I didn’t come waddling out of the bedroom ‘til quarter of six.

Yesterday went just as planned with us doing the household chores.  Our outing consisted of a two hour nap – two hours?  We must have been tired.  So our outing became an inning. 

It’s all about grand daughters.  Yesterday Kalina kept going to the front door and looking out the side windows.  Judy and Jackie couldn’t figure out what she was looking for and then it dawned on them.  Kalina was looking for Grandpa; Grandma was there so Grandpa just had to be around somewhere.  So Grandma rang up Grandpa who talked with Kalina on the phone.  All she would say is “Puppy”.  She’s a few weeks away from two and only has a limited vocabulary.  So “Puppy” it is.

Today is going to be another “scorcher” with temps in the low nineties, however, the humidity is supposed to be just a tad bit little lower.  Being that we’ve got the day off, we’re discussing how we would like to spend it. 

Darrell wants to go biking while Judy wants to do something less demanding, especially with the heat.  A nice ride in the country maybe in the offing – we’ve wanted to visit Crossville, Tennessee which is in the Plateau area of middle Tennessee.  It would be beautiful this time of year.  So, I guess we’ll need to get out our coin and flip it and see where it lands.

Now, like I told you in yesterday’s post, you’ll just have to tune in tomorrow to see what we found to do – hopefully it won’t be another two hour nap!!!   

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