Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Heading To Tennessee

It’s farewell to Tallulah Gorge and Georgia.  We’re heading out this morning to Lebanon, Tennessee where we will begin putting our domestic engineering skills to work.  Between our daughter-in-law being on modified bed rest during her pregnancy and our son having to work overtime hours, they could use a helping hand.  We knew before heading to Tallulah Gorge that we may have to return to Tennessee to help out. 

The kids did great but, let’s face it; with two little kids to watch, a house to maintain, and a job to work, it can all add up real quickly, especially when one member of the team is benched.  Their home group helped out some but they still need a little more help than friends can provide – this is a job for the “Super Grand Parents”, so we are on our way.

We really enjoyed our short time at Tallulah Gorge State Park.  It’s a great place to volunteer and the people are extremely nice to work with.  We both enjoyed working in the Visitor’s Center and have discovered the type of “jobs” that we will look for in the future.  Judy likes the Visitor’s Desk and Gift Shop while Darrell enjoys doing Interpretive Hikes (and/or canoeing trips) as well as working the Visitor’s Desk.  We both like a three day work week with no more than six hours per day.

We were able to get a monthly rate at a private campground.  It doesn’t exactly have the “It” factor but, it will do for the next five to six weeks.  There are still areas of Tennessee that we haven’t explored along with some canoeing opportunities.  So we should be able to find something to photograph and share with you over the coming weeks. 

Today we are going to do a “no, no”.  We are going to drive the entire trip in one day – that’s six hours.  We will gain an hour when we change from Eastern to Central time but, six hours is still longer than we like to drive in one day.  In the meantime, hang in there and we’ll see you from Tennessee tomorrow.


  1. Did you REALLY post this at 5:21 this morning?!?!?! :)

    Be safe. As Darrell would say, "Keep the greasy side down." Let us know when you get there.

  2. Hilarious!!! Mike was just calculating what time you wrote this post when we saw Terry's comment!!! Funny!
    Glad you all are going to be helping the kids...its hard to get help with experience these days.
    Hope it was an uneventful trip. :)

  3. What can I say? It was five o'clock somewhere!!!

  4. After researching the "time issue", I found that blogspot has a setting for time zone and I didn't change it when we moved into the Eastern Time Zone. Now that we're back in the Central Time Zone, I won't have to change it. That's just one more thing to do as we move about the country and it is something that I won't bother with - so all our posts will be on Central Time.