Thursday, June 24, 2010

“Please Stand By”

Matt and Jackie returned to the doctor’s office yesterday morning for Jackie’s regular weekly appointment.  Yep, she’s pregnant and yep, she’s in labor but, it’s just not time.  Even though the contractions are three minutes apart, they are not “hard” enough (don’t ask Jackie what she thinks about that assessment).  In any event, she was sent back home again to wait.

The girls had stayed over with Grandma and Grandpa on Tuesday night.  Yesterday morning was filled with movies, swimming, and swinging.  Yesterday afternoon was filled with lunch, some indoor playing, and a nap.  Judy made a chicken casserole for Matt, Jackie, and the kid’s dinner as well as ours.  Then we took the girls home for the night.

Grandma and Grandpa hit the hay early and were “out like a light.”  The girls were really good for us, however, they are five and two.  Man, if we could bottle up some of that energy and turn it into pill form, we’d make a fortune.

In the meantime, we are on stand by.  It will only take us about twenty minutes to throw on some glad rags and be at Matt and Jackie’s when the time comes.  Matthew is going back to work this morning so we’ll go back over to their house today.  That way Jackie only has to focus on being pregnant and in labor instead of chasing two high energy packed little humaniods as well as dealing with a dawg that needs to be walked on a regular basis.

So, that is the state of our union at this point in time – we are standing by to stand by.  Check back with us again tomorrow to see if Mr. Radek James has made any progress toward entering this world.  Plus, while we are standing by, we’ll attempt to gather up some photos for that “trip from the past.” 

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  1. Darrell....they do make that energy in pill form but alas.... it is illegal.

    Tell Jackie to hang in there...but come to think about it that is ALL she can do. Seriously, tell her we are thinking about her and sending her best wishers!! Keep us updated!

    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)