Saturday, June 12, 2010

The “Dawg Daze” Of Tennessee

Yep, today is day two of a five day series of “Dawg Daze”.  Yesterday the temps rose to the mid 90’s with a heat index of over 100 degrees.  What makes it a dawg day is the humidity which was in the high 70’s percentile.  Talk about “close weather”; it feels like you’re wearing it.  Some say it feels like a sauna, but we can tell ya that it feels more like a steam room.

Well, today is more of the same only the temps will be a little hotter with tomorrow being hotter still – around 98*!!!  We just can’t seem to get enough to drink and definitely feel sluggish.  At least the A/C’s are in good working order!!! 

We typically only run the 15K unit on low but, that is only getting the inside temp down to about 80*.  To get the RV any cooler we have to either turn on the second A/C or run the 15K unit on high.  We prefer running the second A/C in order to keep the noise at a tolerable level. 

Anyhow, yesterday was a quick shopping day.  Judy “needed” a new pair of scissors for doing her quilting and she had a 50% off coupon for JoAnn Fabrics.  Also, I wanted to get a FurMinator for brushing Katie and Alex so it was off to Mt. Juliet where the closest JoAnn Fabrics and PetSmart are located. 

Next was a stop at Walmart so Judy could get her hair trimmed.  While there, I found a history book that I just couldn’t live without.  I sat in the McDonald’s section drinking coffee and reading my book while Judy had her hair done.  After picking up a few more items (ice cream being one of them) it was homeward bound.

Judy made dinner for the kids, Larry’s Famous Baked Spaghetti, and we delivered it.  I walked the dawg, Gunner, and we both played with the Grand Daughters for awhile before heading home for the evening.

For dinner Judy whipped up a nice Chicken Milano; grilled chicken breast in a roasted garlic sauce with sun-dried tomatoes, mushrooms, Italian spices, and bow tie pasta.  It was yummy even if we didn’t have any chilled wine to serve along with it.  Later, we topped it off with a nice dish of Peanut Butter Panic ice cream – ooooh soooo gooood, especially on a hot “Dawg Day” night.

We ended the day with a little television before retiring for the evening.  So, there you have it.  That’s our story and we’re sticking to it.


  1. Let's see here. It was 70 and beautiful here yesterday and it's supposed to be 70 and a bit cloudy today. Ya'll need to hurry up that baby and then drive north a bit to cool off!

  2. Just something you may want to check out.. While we were at the RV Dreams rally in Branson, we spoke to a tech that was one of Howards speakers. He told us not to use our air conditioner on low.
    Hmm, can't remember the reason but we haven't done it since..
    We are having that heat here in Fl too and was hoping we may get a little relief when we head to Tn next month. Guess not, lol..

  3. Thanks for the tip. I'll check that out, we've run our A/C on low ever since we've owned the RV, however, we've normally been in areas where we don't use the A/C very much. Checked out your blog - very nice.