Monday, June 14, 2010

Another Small World Event

Saturday evening we went to worship at the World Outreach Church which is a mega-church located in Murfreesboro.  As you can well imagine, being in the Nashville area, there is fantastic music along with great preaching.  

World Outreach ChurchWorld Outreach Church

The complex is located on a large campus. The building has a huge foyer with four sanctuaries.  They, also, have a nice Fellowship and Resource Center among their many facilities.

Main FoyerThree Croses SanctuaryNew Generations Sanctuary Where You Can Worship Cafe StyleFellowship Center

Each sanctuary has it’s own music team.  The sermon is delivered from the main, Three Crosses, sanctuary which is televised into the others.

Music Team in Three Crosses SanctuaryPastor Allen Jackson

Now, for the Small World Event part.  After the service we decided to walk around this huge complex.  While perusing the Resource Center we noticed a lot of books written by Derek Prince who was our first Pastor’s grand father.  Later we “bumped” into Pastor Jackson in the Foyer and asked him about Derek Prince.  It turns out that his family was good friends of the Prince family and he knows David Wynns (who was our very first Pastor after accepting the Lord).  Another Small World Event – now you know “the rest of the story”!  

Today we are going to continue laying low while trying to keep cool.  Probably will end up in the pool before the day is over (most likely will feel like bath water).  There is no end in sight of this weather pattern with no rain in the forecast to cool us off; each day “they” add another day or two onto the cycle.  It may be warm but, it still beats the cold of last winter.  We just have to take it slow and easy.

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