Thursday, June 10, 2010

Same Ol’, Same Ol’

Late entry this morning, a little slow on the up take.  Three cups of coffee and still not moving too swiftly.  There’s really nothing new to report.  We took care of the G-daughters yesterday while Matt and Jackie went to the doctor’s – Jackie’s doing fine – discovered she’s pregnant :-).  We did a little house work and then came home to tend to our adoring little furry kids.

In the late afternoon, some thunderstorms passed through the area with some straight line winds which took down Matt and Jackie’s shed.  We went back over to retrieve the shed items and store them in the garage.  Matt and I will have to reassemble the shed at a later date.

The shed is a 7’x7’ plastic one that Judy and I had purchased back in 2006 so that we could store our “stuff” behind the house they were renting at that time.  After we got our ERPU lot at Rainbow Plantation we bought a metal shed and set it up on that lot.  We gave the plastic shed to Matt and Jackie and that’s where they keep the lawn equipment and store a few other items.

Other than the shed coming apart, nothing else was damaged.  Jackie went out and retrieved some of the items and probably over did it.  She wasn’t feeling to good when we arrived but, was doing little better by the time we left, however, she is still feeling the effects of it all this morning.

The forecast is calling for more “hot and steamy” weather.  “Hot and steamy” might be what you’re looking for on your first date but, it’s not our idea of nice weather.  When I say “hot and steamy” I’m referring to 90+ degrees with 70+ per cent humidity and a heat index nearing 100 – triple yuck!!!

Well, that’s all we have this morning.  Hopefully this weather trend will move on out so we can play outside again.  In the meantime, we’ll just keep on keeping on!  See y’all later!

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